Image – Stories In Wood

This is actually one long scroll format image that would print at around three feet wide and eight inches high. The slideshow above is a taste of what it would be like to “read” the image from left to right.

The darkest purple layers are the foundation of the image and were created by scanning continuous shots along the length of one knotted tree that has been laying near the path in a park near my home for a couple of years now. It really inspired me when I first saw it how much of a continuous story it told. Since then I have been trying to put it together into a cohesive project.

This image needs a final printed version but I haven’t been able to settle on what that might be. These sorts of hand scrolls were very popular in ancient China but are not very suitable for how someone today likes to view or handle images. For now it will have to be experienced in this format.

Below is the full image for reference.

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