Sweeping, the Personal Shrine

My life as a tween changed in the 90’s when I discovered Saturday Morning Anime on Cartoon Network. I had always like cartoon shows and comics, but never had I seen anything like this. It was a first step to opening my perception to another culture. Though presented in a highly stylized way and toldContinue reading “Sweeping, the Personal Shrine”

Image Process – Scarlet Spring

This is a slideshow walk through how I put together my piece “Scarlet Spring”. It starts with printed layers of silk with a very open weave. I have selected a variety of my digital photographs to print on the silk as a single color layer. The final image is created by combining two layers ofContinue reading “Image Process – Scarlet Spring”

Image – Stories In Wood

This is actually one long scroll format image that would print at around three feet wide and eight inches high. The slideshow above is a taste of what it would be like to “read” the image from left to right. The darkest purple layers are the foundation of the image and were created by scanningContinue reading “Image – Stories In Wood”


Awe-Gone To experience a sense of awe, of wonder, of being overpowered by the experience or sudden realization of something, is strangely absent from much contemporary discourse. I can’t think of the last time in which I heard someone describe a personal experience of something that truly stopped them in their trackes. Our over-used wordContinue reading “Awe/Struck”

Curiosity, Compassion and Creativity

Creativity My journey with art and philosophy is being undertaken with the central goal of coming to know myself better. I have come to the realization that art is a conduit for me, while philosophy is my digestion of what has come about on the page or screen, or through the lens. At some pointContinue reading “Curiosity, Compassion and Creativity”