Pattern and Surface Design

Organic Textures Graphic Treatments

These patterns and designs bridge the gap between what we think of as clean design and the often rough nature of, well, nature. Each motif and element is created directly from the world around me, often in my own neighborhood. I build them into layers of texture that speak with each other and create something with more character than each individual piece.

Limited palettes and bold forms allow these designs to fit in with any contemporary look, while allowing nature’s own feng shui to enter the space as well.

This is design that channels nature into our modern and often over-connected world. Clean, contemporary and organic energy for any space.

Contact me for collaborations and licensing. Let me help you custom create something that will elevate your space, or your product, so that we can bring some positive flow into the spaces that matter to us.

Open for:

  • Licensing
  • Packaging
  • Interior Design
  • Surface Design
  • Decor/Wall Art
  • Pattern Design
  • Unique Collaborations
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